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2011 Baseball Predictions [28 Mar 2011|11:43am]
Here we go, my predictions for 2011.

AL East
Boston: 95-67
*New York: 89-73
Tampa: 84-78
Toronto: 79-83
Baltimore: 71-91

AL Central
Minnesota: 89-73
Detroit: 86-76
Chicago: 86-76
Cleveland: 77-85
Kansas City: 66-96

AL West
Texas: 90-72
Oakland: 84-78
Los Angeles: 81-81
Seattle: 74-88

NL East
Philadelphia: 94-68
Florida: 84-78
Atlanta: 83-79
New York: 77-85
Washington: 73-89

NL Central
St. Louis: 89-73
*Milwaukee: 88-74
Cincinnati: 85-77
Chicago: 83-79
Houston: 76-86
Pittsburgh: 71-91

NL West
Colorado: 89-73
San Francisco: 87-75
Los Angeles: 81-81
San Diego: 80-82
Arizona: 74-88

ALDS: Texas over New York, Boston over Minnesota
ALCS: Boston over Texas
NLDS: Milwaukee over Philadelphia, St. Louis over Colorado
NLCS: Milwaukee over St. Louis
World Series: Boston over Milwaukee in 5

AL MVP Top Five: Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Adrian Beltre, Justin Morneau, Ichiro
AL Cy Young Top Five: Jon Lester, CC Sabathia, Justin Verlander, Felix Hernandez, David Price
AL Rookie of the Year Top Five: Kyle Drabek, Jeremy Hellickson, Mike Moustakas, Kyle Gibson, J.P. Arencibia
AL Manager of the Year: Terry Francona

NL MVP Top Five: Prince Fielder, Albert Pujols, Ryan Braun, Mike Stanton, Carlos Gonzalez
NL Cy Young Top Five: Roy Halladay, Chris Carpenter, Matt Cain, Josh Johnson, Matt Garza
NL Rookie of the Year Top Five: Freddie Freeman, Brandon Belt, Aroldis Chapman, Jarrod Parker, Brandon Beachy
NL Manager of the Year: Ron Roenicke
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[30 Jan 2011|09:18am]
tell me i'm the only one

[16 Jan 2011|10:58am]
tell me i'm the only one

Happy New Year! [02 Jan 2011|01:32pm]
tell me i'm the only one

Leaving Home and Guillermo Mota [13 Dec 2010|10:40pm]
I'm cleaning out my bedroom since I'm basically never going to be living here again and my parents are going to turn my room into a guest bedroom. Those of you who have seen my room know I have a ton of Marlins memorabilia (I was even in a national sports collector magazine for my collection), so cleaning up and boxing everything is a daunting task.

I cleaned up/boxed up/threw out a bunch of books and old school stuff and I'm just now starting on the Marlins stuff. I began with my baseballs. I have a ton. Two boxes full. I'd say the break-down is something like this:

10% moderately valuable autographs (Miguel Cabrera on a World Series ball, 1997 WS team ball, Gary Sheffield, etc)
40% autographs that have little value to most but lots of value to me (Mark Kotsay autographs, balls I got signed at Spring Training with my mom, gifts, etc)
50% autographs that mean absolutely nothing to anyone

There is no logical reason I need a Jerry Browne autograph. I don't even know how I got it. Dan Uggla, sure, but Mike Mordecai? Kevin Olsen, really? Kirt fucking Ojala?

This stuff has been doing me no good for years. It sits on a shelf (or in some cases, a closet) unseen to anyone but me for the 3 weeks a year I use my bedroom at home. This fact hit me when I was cleaning out the bottom shelf of a closet housing lots of my baseballs when, tucked in the back, was a Rawlings Official Major League baseball in a box. As a kid, regrettably, I never used official baseballs (they were $15, compared to the $4 Rawlings Official League balls that just had writing on one panel, or the myriad logo baseballs I already owned). Anything on an OMLB was something I got at an autograph signing. That's what I've got Uggla and Scott Olsen and Dontrelle Willis and Mike Lowell and Miguel Cabrera on. But I couldn't recognize this signature. I had to pull up the rosters, because the guy's uniform number was on the ball. And I discovered it was Guillermo Mota.

And then I remembered. The baseball card store I frequented with my grandparents as a kid had signings all the time. It's where I got those aforementioned autographs I have on OMLBs, along with Don Newcombe and Bob Feller and a few others. Why Guillermo Mota? What possessed me to ask my grandparents to pay for Guillermo Mota's autograph for me? And not just the autograph, but also the $15 for an official major league baseball! Why did I never use it to get autographs of other members of the team, like I did for the OMLB I got Mike Lowell's signature on? What made me want a signature of a relief pitcher so bad, only to tuck it away in the darkest depths of my collection?

My grandparents have never been wealthy people, but like so many retired couples they have been struggling with money a lot as of late. I wish so badly that I could return the 30 or 40 bucks it must have cost them for an autograph of a middle reliever who put up a four-seventy-something ERA in a season and a half in Miami. How much else did they pour in to stuff that's now going into boxes in my parent's garage, one day doomed to be relocated to my future garage? How much did my parents spend on it? What else could they all have done instead?
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[12 Dec 2010|11:51am]
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[09 Oct 2010|04:36pm]
Saw Bob Dylan last night. Tickets were $22. I would have been upset if I paid any more. His band was awesome but the sound sucked, and his voice sucked (I knew it would).

Anyway, concert list is updated.
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[22 Sep 2010|09:31pm]
Ivan C. [9:29 PM]: what's up man?
David [9:29 PM]: nothin
David [9:29 PM]: you?
Ivan C. [9:29 PM]: oh nothing, just chillin in Tebow coutnry
Ivan C. [9:29 PM]: 2.0
David [9:30 PM]: yeah? how's heaven?
Ivan C. [9:30 PM]: HAHAHAHA
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[19 Sep 2010|04:05pm]

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[13 Sep 2010|07:38pm]
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[11 Sep 2010|08:39am]
Nine years later, I pray that we don't fall into disarray by way of blaming an entire ethnic group for the misdeeds of a few crazy people. We can't handle a community center built two blocks from Ground Zero, and yet I'm sure if we wanted to open a YMCA in Fallujah and the Iraqis protested it we'd be offended. We organize to burn other people's holy books when we know damn well that if some Muslim imam in another country organized a New Testament burning rally, we'd raise the security level and place a trade embargo on the country and station troops in all the surrounding countries. It's almost like we're getting worse. I heard someone on TV say that the "Ground Zero Mosque" (what a stupid way to refer to it) was like rubbing salt in our wounds. But I think our wounds have healed. They just healed with some virus inside that's gotten into our bloodstream and made us crazy Islamophobes. Let's not forget that 9/11 was caused by hatred, and it was only a small group. Our tactics have fueled this hatred and spread it to more people. Let's be the country we've always been and be an accepting place for people of all backgrounds.

Oh, and bring our troops the fuck home already, and stop the troop surge in Afghanistan, Mr. Obama. It's already failed: http://www.carnegieendowment.org/publications/index.cfm?fa=view&id=41531#ground
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[05 Sep 2010|12:03pm]
tell me i'm the only one

[29 Aug 2010|01:33pm]
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[24 Aug 2010|06:18pm]
My freshman year, I had a professor for Comparative Politics who had a class website, on which he posted pictures and essays he wrote. We were allowed to write responses...I think we got some extra credit points for it, if I recall correctly.

In cleaning out my GMail drafts folder - I noticed I had a bunch of drafts and figured most of them were garbage - I found this letter I began writing to him:

Draft saved at Monday, October 10, 2005

Subject: Response to the Liberian picture

Message: In your essay (an extraordinary piece, by the way), you asked, "Is there complicity in doing nothing when evil tortures innocents?"

That's it. Nothing else. No notes to myself, no outline, nothing. I never finished it. Hell, I barely started it.

I'm so incredibly curious as to what I wanted to say. I don't even remember the picture, and I obviously don't remember what my point was going to be. I wish I did, though.
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[22 Aug 2010|01:45am]
tell me i'm the only one

[15 Aug 2010|08:01am]
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[11 Aug 2010|08:10pm]
tell me i'm the only one

[01 Aug 2010|01:51am]
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Andy Pettitte [22 Jun 2010|09:09am]

There's an article there about how great Andy Pettitte is. It talks about how unbelievable it is that he continues to get older and yet better, despite being in a league that cherishes youth. It mentions the way he rebounded from his injury in 2004 to become a better pitcher, that his religious physical conditioning makes him a man among children.

Nowhere does it mention that Pettitte has admittedly taken human growth hormone in the past, specifically to heal from an injury. I love Andy Pettitte - and I don't often love Yankees players - but it doesn't change the fact that he is one of the very few admitted HGH users.

It just goes to show you that if you're a Yankee, a fan favorite, friendly with the media, white, or some combination therein, people are willing to forgive.
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[13 Jun 2010|08:53am]
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